The Best VPN for China (Still Working in July 2020)

I know you can't use facebook normally in China but Should add, for the sake of clarity, that all aspects of Facebook and all apps that are related to Facebook are blocked as well as the main program. China's blocking of things they don't like is done with a broad brush, not with selective precision. How to Use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc..IN Sep 03, 2017

Oct 22, 2019

The same goes for Facebook Messenger. Users of the chat app cannot send or receive messages while in mainland China. Many people in China use VPNs to unblock Facebook and Messenger. How to unblock Facebook in China. You can access Facebook and Facebook Messenger while in China …

Like China's Huawei Technologies, which has been sanctioned by the U.S., Nvidia has entrusted the production of its microchips to TSMC. It plans to use TSMC's 7-nanometer processing capabilities

Facebook is blocked in China and one can access it by using either the VPN (Virtual Private Network) or by use of proxy. Make sure the VPN you select is not the one blocked by the government. Facebook’s Crypto Plan Borrows From China - WSJ Facebook’s Crypto Plan Borrows From China The Chinese precedents suggest the social-media giant needs to focus less on crypto engineering and more on improving the use case for Libra.