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Aug 06, 2019 Configure Outlook Email Notifications in Windows 10 Feb 03, 2020 Google Mail: Use Desktop Notifications - Help Pages Google Mail: Use Desktop Notifications. Google Mail desktop notifications allow you to work fully on a project without checking your email every few minutes. This feature displays a “pop-up” reminder on your computer screen when you receive an email and/or when you receive a Chat message. How to track topics with Google Alerts and Inbox by Gmail Aug 31, 2016

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Aug 31, 2016 · Most people receive Google Alerts in email. With one or two alerts that track rarely used keywords, you might receive an occasional alert. But try to track several popular topics and alerts can Jul 28, 2014 · In the upper right hand corner of the Google Docs is a button that says “Comments.” This button is found to the left of the blue share button. Click on the “Comments” button to reveal an option for “Notifications.” Clicking on the “Notifications” button shows that you are set to receive notifications on “All” comments.

How To Get Email Notification When Any Google Document is Modified? Meet Google Doc Monitor script which will help you monitor literally any file in your Google Drive account and send automatic email notifications to any recipients you want whenever it’s edited or updated. Let’s get started. 1. Finding ID of File you Want to Monitor

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